Director of Marketing at Law Firm

March 12, 2017

"We produce a monthly sometimes bi-monthly letter to prospective clients.  The Processors came in with a sales pitch on postage savings and a guaranteed lowest postage rate possible.  I was fairly convinced that all mailers were the same but thought I would verify my postage by having The Processors take my last mailing and run it through there systems.  They realized a 2.5 cent per piece savings with how they manage and deliver there mail.  I ask they what makes them different and there response to me was "We take pride in going the extra mile to save our clients money"  Thank you!

Featured Success Story

The Post Office is a nightmare and I did not know how to file my non-profit status. I call The Processors as was recommended by the Post Master at my local post office. They found and help me fill out all the appropriate documentation I needed to get my non-profit status. Thank you for all of your help and I will look forward to great relationship in the future.

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